What’s Your Game?

What’s Your Game? is a book I co-authored; it was an attempt to demonstrate how games could be both interesting and worthwhile to play, and also stimulate investigative learning in Key Stage 3 maths classes.  Most used only the simplest of equipment and for each  we included worthwhile mathematical questions.  Several were accompanied by copies of interesting work from pupils.

I was never more than partially satisfied with it, but since my contribution was largely restricted to supplying the games while Mike Cornelius did all the hard work I figured I didn’t have much right to complain.  There were getting on for fifty games – Nimble (see October 2013) was one, and I’ll probably write about a Noughts and Crosses variant called Traffic Lights sometime.

It good some decent reviews but it appeared at a time when schools were nervous about anything that didn’t have National Curriculum on the cover in large letters, and it didn’t sell many copies.  I still get a royalty cheque for £0.00 from Cambridge University Press regularly even though it’s been out of print for a good while.

However, you can of course find copies on Amazon.  I was delighted to find that one seller values it at £2919.68, though another stockist only wants a measly £303.45 .  More realistically there are currently three sellers who’re asking £3.00 .




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