Everyone knows Fizz-Buzz, but since I’m putting up a number of counting games I might as well include it as a reminder.  It’s another counting game you can use with a group of any size.


I start by introducing Fizz, which requires us to say the counting words – but replace any multiple of 3 by “Fizz”.

So the count goes:

1,   2,   Fizz,   4,   5,   Fizz,   7,   8,   Fizz,   10,   ….


Buzz is similar, but you have to say “Buzz” whenever you reach a multiple of 5:

 1,   2,   3,   4,   Buzz,   6,   7,   8,   9,   Buzz,   11,   12,   ….


And obviously the next stage is to try Fizz-Buzz, which demands:

 1,   2,   Fizz,   4,   Buzz,   Fizz,   7,   8,   Fizz,   Buzz,   11,   Fizz,   13,   14,   Fizz-Buzz!,   16,   17,   ….


There are of course a hundred variations – change the multiples, start from a different number, start from a high number and count backwards ….




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  1. This game is actually new to me. Thanks for sharing!

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