Last One Standing

Here’s yet another game that involves counting.  I’m prepared to guarantee that you can use this game with ANY group, be they 4-year-olds, advanced students, committed mathematicians or maths-phobics.

It’s another game that’s great fun to play, and you can play with any number of people.  All you need to ask of them is that they can count to 2, and that doesn’t seem much to ask.

The group stands in a circle, with you in the middle (you may find it helpful to have a pointer).   Go round the circle, pointing at each child in turn. For the first child you say “1”. For the next, “2”. For the next, “1”. For the next, “2”. ….

Every 2 leaves the circle, and the 1s remain. When you get back to the start, continue, so some of those who survived first time round will become 2s and so they’ll need to leave. Continue round again, and again, until just one person remains – the Last One Standing.

If you want to, there’s lots to find out. For example, if you have 10 people in the group, the final survivor is number 5 in the circle. But if you start with 12 people, it’s position 9. Do explore further, because there are some lovely number patterns involved.




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