An Update

There’s no reason why anyone should have noticed, but this is the first post for quite a while.  There’s nothing sinister about that; it  was basically just work pressures and hobby stuff had to take a back seat.

But something funny’s been happening – some people have clearly decided they quite like the idea of a silent blog,  so that new readers have appeared, and earlier this week the biggest ever number of readers gave a totally new look to the statistics.

So a big welcome to one and all.  The About page tells you a bit more about me, but this is basically a blog about the teaching of mathematics to children of primary age.  There are oodles of terrific maths blogs by secondary teachers, and a good few about general primary education, but there very seem to be very few whose focus is primary maths – so if you know of more I’d love to hear about them.

And my idea of a blog is that it’s an individual and personal thing, perhaps quirky, and as unique as you can get it.  I asked someone who I greatly respect to take a look at it.  “What an engaging blog”, she said.  That’ll do for me; “Engaging” suits me just fine, and I hope you find it engaging as well.





2 responses

  1. Your work deserves to be viewed. Did you know you are included in this fabulous mathsjems?

    1. Thanks – I’d missed this, though it accounts for the sudden increase in views. Jo actually teaches at the school a couple of miles from where my brother still lives. With luck I’ve added a pdf link for the cards.

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