One Week’s Photographs

When I was about ten I’d be given a roll of film to take on holiday.  Deciding which scenes to use my exposures on was a tricky business.  Using them too early meant I lost any opportunity to take a special souvenir late in the week, but what if it rained solidly in the last few days?  In practice it didn’t matter much, because the resulting pictures were always pathetic – blurred, dull grey, with the carefully composed subject barely visible in the middle of the landscape.

Now of course, we carry with us the chance to capture almost anything, instantly, and of good quality.  Here are some pictures from the last seven days.

I went to a meeting at the Royal Society on Friday, and have the badge to prove it:


Now don’t imagine the Royal Society and I are closely connected, but once a year they kindly host a meeting of the Joint Primary Group of the Mathematical Association and the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, and give us a splendid buffet lunch.

Considerably more attractive to my mind than that offered to the Fellows themselves – if you’re an FRS you clearly take very seriously indeed the idea of fish as food for the brain:

FRS lunch

A couple of days earlier I was in Wetherspoon’s.  Can anyone possibly explain why an Americano – which Wetherspoon’s defines as black without milk or cream – contains six times as many calories as black coffee, and more than filter coffee with milk?  (The staff certainly couldn’t, and I don’t blame them):


Here’s another I don’t understand (particularly as by my count, the bus only has 28 seats):

Capacity 47

On one of the cooler, damper days last week, this one made me smile:

UK spring

And on one of the sunnier, warmer days here’s the canal.  One of the delightful things about canals is that you get these lovely tranquil scenes when you’re in a shopping street with dozens of cars trundling past, and with the supermarket 100m away to your left, and the railway station 100m away on your right.






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